About Us

Our mission is to help individuals become as finically literate as possible by providing the tools, education and resources. We strive to break the cycle of hearing the financial markets and stock investing is a scam or you need to have huge amounts of money by producing content and educating as many as we can on different investment and trading strategies along with the importance of managing risk effectively.

Up Down Trading Inc. is a financial media and computer services business founded May 2021 in Chicago, IL. We are passionate that everyone should have the tools, education and resources to be finically literate in this consistently changing economy in Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Forex, Futures, Cryptocurrency, Options, and Bonds. We bring content produced on our main site for financial literacy purposes by way of Youtube, Blog Post, and different investment along with market trading ideas led by our CEO. Our goal is to bring the education in one place where users can view and learn at their own speed for free. We also have a team of dedicated IT Engineers, which handle our computer services side with Managed IT services for both Business and Residential clients. We are growing our social status across all major platforms and our CEO has specific plans and goals for us as we are rapidly growing.